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Duchess Anna Amalia Library


Current projects

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Library cataloguing project of the former Weimar Art Collections

Voluntary social service year in the cultural field

Pilot project involving colour backup filming of library stocks

Restoration of books damaged by fire in the Duchess Anna Amalia Library

Weimar Goethe Bibliography

Weimar Nietzsche Bibliography

Replacement of historical prints

Completed projects

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Index of map collection

Personal and topical writings relating to Thuringia's cultural history

Year of voluntary social service in the cultural field

The voluntary social service year in the cultural field (FSJ Kultur, also known as »Thüringen-Jahr in der Kultur«, Thuringia Year in Culture) is centrally organised and supervised by the Landesvereinigung Kulturelle Jugendbildung Thüringen (LKJ). Every year since 2003, two young people have spent one year (September to August) working in the Library. The objective is to allow volunteers an insight into the library as a cultural institution; at the same time, the volunteers help with the work to be done and assume responsibility for a project of their own. At the end of the year, the volunteers receive a certificate describing their main tasks and the skills and competences they have acquired.

Supervision: Karina Falk

Library cataloguing project of the former Weimar Art Collections

Funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG)

After its art collections were integrated into the Klassik Stiftung Weimar, the library of the former Weimar Art Collections was incorporated into the Duchess Anna Amalia Library in 2003. The collection totals approximately 54,000 volumes and includes works purchased at Goethe’s request which he also personally used. The collection includes numerous rare issues and copies in excellent condition, of which only a fraction has been electronically catalogued. This project is now indexing uncatalogued or only card-catalogued volumes for inclusion in an online directory. In addition, it has placed three hundred outstanding, fully digitalised books in the collection online for free public access.

Indexing the map collection

The maps printed prior to year 1850 were catalogued in the old map database IKAR. The two indexing projects were sponsored by the ZEIT Foundation Ebelin and Gerd Bucerius and the German Research Foundation. Most of the titles can be researched in the Library’s online catalogue.

Personal and topical writings on Thuringia’s cultural history

Sponsored by the German Research Foundation (DFG)

The Duchess Anna Amalia Library has a large collection of personal and topical writings about the history of Thuringia. The works from the period between the 16th and 19th centuries are valuable sources for researching local history, art history, genealogy, book science and binding as well as numerous other scientific topics. With the support of the DFG, a large part of personal and topical writings in Weimar have been catalogued and examined for historical coloured paper bindings.

In order to supplement the existing collection, the Duchess Anna Amalia Library is still acquiring historical documents and modern secondary literature associated with them.