Park on the Ilm. Detail from »Grundriß von der Großherzogl.- Sächs. Residenzstadt Weimar, aufgenommen, berechnet und gezeichnet von J. V. Blaufuß«, 1818/22 © Klassik Stiftung Weimar

Schiller Museum with Schiller Residence

The Schiller Museum with its three huge exhibition rooms covering an area of approx. 400 square metres is located on the north side of Friedrich Schiller’s historic residence. Completed in 1988, it is one of the few new museums constructed during the GDR regime. The modern architecture with its partially glazed façade and cubature blends in with the atmosphere of the old town. From 1995, the building was used as office space for staff at the Goethe National Museum. In 1999, the exhibition rooms were restored to their original condition, and became the venue for various temporary exhibitions until 2006. In order to facilitate the use of the exhibition rooms in the Schiller Museum for displays of items which required sensitive conservation, modern air-conditioning, electricity and security technology were installed in 2008. Today, the museum, which was originally dedicated solely to the life and work of Schiller, is used as a venue for temporary exhibitions.

The Schiller Museum is situated in the same building as Schiller Residence. For further information on Schiller's Residence please see Schiller Residence.

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