Roman House, ceiling of Blue Salon © Klassik Stiftung Weimar

Bauhaus.Weimar.Moderne. Die Kunstfreunde

Founded in 1995, the Association of Friends and Patrons of the Weimar Art Collections aim to protect and preserve selected art treasures in Weimar and facilitate the acquisition of new cultural assets by means of membership dues and donations. The association mainly focuses on on Bauhaus and modern art and on works in the palace. Since its foundation, the Friends and Patrons have purchased works worth more than 2.2 million Euro and made them available to the Klassik Stiftung Weimar as gifts or permanent loans.

From 2011 the association is named Bauhaus.Weimar.Moderne. Die Kunstfreunde e.V.

Besides supporting the Palace Museum and the Neues Museum, the association is mainly dedicated to the construction of the new Bauhaus museum in Weimar. The association and its members have been fighting for this new museum for years, not least because of its significance for the city and state.

The organisation’s work includes previews of the Klassik Stiftung Weimar’s most important exhibitions, guided tours, public talks, the promotion of scientific publications and annual art trips (to Leipzig and Chemnitz in 2016, to Gotha, Potsdam and Leipzig in 2017).

The association Bauhaus.Weimar.Moderne. Die Kunstfreunde e.V. currently number around 120 members, and is open to all interested art lovers from near and far. New members are warmly welcomed!


Bauhaus.Weimar.Moderne. Die Kunstfreunde e.V.
Stephan Illert
Am Horn 55
99425 Weimar

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