Roman House, ceiling of Blue Salon © Klassik Stiftung Weimar

Grüne Wahlverwandtschaften e.V.

Over the centuries, the ducal passion for design and the engagement of local citizens have created an impressive asset of parks, gardens and green areas to be laid in and around Weimar. Weimar therefore possesses an exceptional wealth of green treasures. Nature and culture today form a unique symbiosis in Weimar which must be preserved. It entails both high standards of living and a high degree of commitment. Only a few cities offer such a variety of oases of peace and relaxation, which like the Park on the Ilm river can be reached from any point within just a few minutes. Tourists from all over the world are fascinated by the way that culture and garden design have permeated the city’s life. Like monuments, artworks, historic books and documents, these gardens must also be treated responsibly. Carelessness or excessive use will destroy them.

The »Grüne Wahlverwandtschaften« (»Green Elective Affinities«) organisation is dedicated to helping with the maintenance and care of the city’s historic parks, cemeteries and green belts. Commitment on the part of local citizens aims to initiate and support public activities. You too can make an active contribution by becoming a member of Grüne Wahlverwandtschaften.


Grüne Wahlverwandtschaften e. V.
Dr. Klaus Büttner
Teichgasse 12a
99423 Weimar