Workshop: Political Education Meets Cultural Education

The Urban Environment as a Place of Learning, 9 – 10 November 2015

Urban public space is a fundamental part of daily life. Yet in the practical work of education, it rarely receives any attention as it is located outside of the common institutional structures. Urban space, when viewed as a cultural and social environment, possesses great potential in achieving the objectives of both political and cultural education – from conscious and critical awareness to its recognition as a place of action.

On the basis of various project examples and their theoretically oriented reflections, this workshop aims to develop parameters for making the city environment a place of learning. In what way should projects be conceived in order to do justice to the demands of both political and cultural education? The fundamental objectives and positions will represent the main lines of discussion. In this way, the following theories, as proposed by the organisers, will be critically examined and/or thematically substantiated:

1. There is a need to merge cultural and political education, although the necessary structures do not yet exist.

2. There are areas of overlap in both fields which have yet to be defined.

3. The collaboration between cultural and political education results in added value.

The workshop is organised by the Federal Academy of Cultural Education in Wolfenbüttel, the Federal Agency for Civic Education, the DG Bildungswerk and the Klassik Stiftung Weimar.

For more information, please visit the website of the Federal Academy of Cultural Education.

Architecture Builts Knowledge

5th International symposium on architectural education and its fields of research on 13th-14th November 2015 at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

The program would like to provide a space for work and action to present and discuss current developments in architectural education and its scientific reflexion. It affords an opportunity for exchange on cultural skills, fields of research and key aspects within the field of architectural education. The symposium aims to provide an inside view into the scientific as well as application related projects of imparting of architecture. The symposium aims to provide a platform for dialogue and networking between all disciplines from art teachers, psychologists, architects, everybody who mediates architecture, museum educators, scientists, PhD students, to political decision makers concerned with building culture (Baukultur).

For more information please visit the website of Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.


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