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Audio and media guides for children

Goethe National Museum (Goethe Residence and exhibition)

On a tour of the Goethe Residence, Goethe’s son August tells you fascinating stories about his famous father and his life on Frauenplan. In the exhibition “Flood of Life – Storm of Deeds”, you can discover what Goethe worked on during various times of his life.

Herzogin Anna Amalia Bibliothek (Historical Building)

Anna from Berlin accompanies you on your tour of the Historical Building of the Anna Amalia Bibliothek with its famous Rococo Hall.

Schiller Residence

Schiller’s daughter Caroline takes you on a tour of her home. She shows you what they used to cook and eat, and where she and her siblings played. She also reveals how young Schiller became a famous writer.

Bauhaus Museum and Neues Museum Weimar

Little “Bauhäusler” will take you through the brand-new Bauhaus Museum and the Neues Museum Weimar. They will introduce you to objects that were considered very “modern” back then and which you might recognise today.

The special thing about this media guide is that your parents can download it on their smartphone as an app before your visit. Not only does it include the tour of the museums, but also lots of interesting facts and information.

Museum Box: The Park Cave Expedition

Flemar, the bat, accompanies you on a thrilling excursion underground. Flemar tells you fascinating stories about how layers of stone were formed, and important events of Weimar’s history. Conducting small experiments, you’ll learn how fossils are made and what secrets are buried deep inside the stones today. After your tour of the Park Cave, you can continue your expedition through the park and into the city.

  • For children ages 6 to 13 with accompanying adults
  • You and your parents can borrow the Museum Box free of charge at the ticket counter.
  • Opening times of the Park Cave

Bauhaus Actors

They have experiments up their sleeves, love telling stories and enjoy good conversations. Together with the Bauhaus Actors, you will learn about the ideas of the Bauhaus, make inanimate objects come to life and discuss important topics of today and tomorrow. Meet the Bauhaus Actors at our exhibition and get ready to be amazed!

  • Place: Bauhaus Museum Weimar
  • Dates: Saturday and Sunday, 12 pm – 4 pm; additional times on holidays and for special events

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