Kinderführung im Neuen Museum.

Regular children’s tours

A Visit to the Schiller Residence

In this interactive children’s tour of the Schiller Residence, you will learn about the everyday lives of the famous poet and his family.

Open the Gates! The Dukes Will Receive You Now

Have you ever wanted to dine like a king? This interactive children’s tour introduces you to courtly life and dining culture of the Goethe era.

A Princely Entrance

Clothes make the person, so they say. Have you ever wondered how it feels to wear a princely robe? You can – at the costume workshop in the children’s and family tour of Duchess Anna Amalia’s dowager residence!

  • Place: Wittumspalais
  • Dates: 3rd Sunday of every month, 2 pm
  • Please bring along a camera or smartphone.

A Sense of the Bauhaus

To understand the Bauhaus, you must follow the Bauhaus method – experimenting, investigating and experiencing with your senses. On a guided tour of the exhibition, we introduce you to this experimental school.

A Line Without Point or Comma

Even before the Bauhaus was founded, artists and designers were thinking of ways to make our lives simpler and more pleasant. On this guided tour, we examine the important role of the line. After that, you can design your own modern forms in the Workshop Café.

The prices of the tours listed here include the cost of admission.
Free admission for children under 16 years

For more events, please see our event calendar.

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