Führung mit Sehgeschädigten im Goethe-Nationalmuseum Weimar.

Inclusion and diversity

We aim to reach as many people as possible with our educational programmes. Even in the developmental phase of our programmes, we work closely with diverse target groups in order to better cater to their needs.

Our aim is to expand the range of inclusive services step by step. On the following pages, we present some of the services and access possibilities we have already implemented. We constantly strive to allow all target groups to make use of our existing educational programmes.

Please contact us if you are interested. We look forward to your suggestions!


Handicapped accessible services

We continually expand our services for people with special needs and work closely with associations and disabled individuals to improve our services. Furthermore, we strive to adapt the content and methods of our tours to address individual interests and needs. We frequently offer supplementary materials which enable you to experience displays and exhibits with multiple senses. In this way, you can discover new ideas, investigate interesting themes and understand hidden contexts.

Overview of our services

For an overview of our handicapped accessible services, information about handicapped accessibility at individual sites and museums and contact details, click here.

Language programmes and orientation courses

Are you planning to visit Weimar’s cultural sites as part of a language programme or orientation course? You can find more information about our specific services and programmes here:

We also offer tours and workshops in simple language. We would be happy to develop an individual programme together with you. Please contact us!

Selected projects

In the following we present selected projects which we have developed together with various target groups and organisations.

Art and Coffee

In cooperation with the Patenschaftsbüro Weimar and the Frauenzentrum Weimar, the Klassik Stiftung invites new and established residents of Weimar who are interested in art and culture to our joint event series “Art and Coffee”. The programme focuses on historical and current aspects of Weimar’s cultural history. At each meeting the participants examine and discuss objects, institutions and themes of the Klassik Stiftung Weimar, after which they can chat with one another while enjoying coffee and cake.

The project was launched in August 2017. Its former partners were the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar and the Bürgerstiftung Weimar.

The meetings with the Frauenzentrum Weimar are scheduled on the first Wednesday of the month starting in March. The meetings with the Patenschaftsbüro Weimar are scheduled on the first and third Thursday of the month starting in March (subject to change). You can find more information in our event calendar. For specific programme details, please contact the respective programme partner.

Workshop: Photo and Film | Experiments in the Castle

In August 2017 established and newly arrived residents of Weimar of all ages and nationalities were invited to discover the City Castle and participate in hands-on creative activities. The festivities not only highlighted the displayed artworks and objects, but also the building itself. In the workshop, the participants artistically explored Weimar’s cultural history spanning many centuries, and then developed their own perspectives using analogue and digital photo processing strategies. The works were then presented at the Courtyard Festival on 10 September 2017 and enriched the festivities in the historical setting with their contemporary, artistic interpretation.

In cooperation with: Soziale Dienste & Jugendhilfe gGmbH | Patenschaftsbüro Weimar, Netzwerk Welcome Weimar | Wortschatz Sprachwerkstatt

Projects of the Klassik Stiftung Weimar are funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Free State of Thuringia, represented by the State Chancellery of Thuringia, Department of Culture and the Arts.

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