Following your audio guide

With the aid of your audio guide, you can explore various museums and sites by yourself and at your own pace. You can learn about the respective cultural-historical contexts and the displayed items.
The lending fee is included in the price of admission of the respective museum.

You can also listen to the audio guides online or download the written transcriptions as PDFs. The information can help you prepare for your visit to Weimar and provide a basis for further study following your visit.

Audio guides

Audio guides for children

Several of our museums offer audio- and media-guided tours developed especially for children.

Goethe National Museum (Goethe Residence and exhibition)

On a tour of the Goethe Residence, Goethe’s son August shares fascinating stories about his famous father and his life on Frauenplan. The exhibition “Flood of Life – Storm of Deeds” presents the poet’s literary achievements.

Herzogin Anna Amalia Bibliothek (Historic Library)

Anna from Berlin accompanies children on a tour of the Historic Library building of the Herzogin Anna Amalia Bibliothek with its famous Rococo Hall.

Schiller Residence

Schiller’s daughter Caroline takes visitors on a tour of her home. She describes what they used to cook and eat, and where she and her siblings played. She also reveals how young Schiller became a famous writer.

Bauhaus Museum and Neues Museum Weimar

Starting in April 2019, little “Bauhäusler” will accompany young visitors through the brand-new Bauhaus Museum and the Neues Museum Weimar. The media guide is available as an app and can be downloaded prior to your visit.

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