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Bauhaus+ app

With the new Bauhaus+ app you can explore the Bauhaus Museum, the Neues Museum Weimar and the Haus Am Horn. With audio tours of the exhibitions, information on events and numerous additional features, the Bauhaus+ app allows you to discover Weimar modernism on your own. We recommend downloading the app prior to your visit. 

Download the Bauhaus+ app here.

Weimar Time Window

This app accompanies you on a tour of modernism in Weimar. Around 1900 Weimar found itself in tumult. The veneration of the classical age and conservative attitudes influenced Weimar as much as the desire to embrace progress and the ideas of the European avant-garde. At eleven selected stations, this AR app acquaints you with the important events, protagonists and sites of this fascinating era.

The app was developed as part of a school project.

Download the app here.

Walking tours of Weimar

On these theme-based walking tours of Weimar, visitors are introduced to specific sites and highlights of Weimar. The prepared tours suggest various places, buildings and monuments which are worth visiting and reveal their artistic and cultural-historical significance. The tours can be downloaded as PDF files or accessed directly via smartphone.


The following rallies were developed by the Klassik Stiftung Weimar as part of its educational activities for school children. However, they are suited to all visitors who are interested in discovering Weimar on their own while learning about specific themes.

Classical Rally

The Classical Rally takes participants to the most important locations of Weimar Classicism and provides an overview of key topics of cultural history. In this rally, young people divide into small groups of three to five persons each and explore the city on their own. At various locations, they have to solve puzzles and riddles which are subsequently tallied for points at the end of the rally.

Download materials here (german only):

Weimar anno 1800 Rally

In this rally, participants visit authentic sites where they gain an impression of what Weimar, its culture and social life were like during the Goethe era. The four tours, each of which are based on a different historical protagonist and highlight varying aspects, provide a comprehensive view of the living circumstances and circles of influence of different social classes. The tours focus on such topics as labour, religion, education and culture.

Download materials here (german only):

City Rally

The City Rally offers participants an impression of the history of Weimar and its different eras. Following an introduction by the accompanying instructor, the participants divide into groups of five. Together they learn about different topics and become acquainted with lesser known historical sites in Weimar. Instructors are provided with a large city map for the final presentation and evaluation of the results in class.

The materials are suited for pupils at the 8th-grade level and higher and are available in German and English.

  • Registration:
  • Lending desk: Wittumspalais Weimar (ticket counter)
  • Opening times of the Wittumspalais
  • Lending fee: € 5 (plus € 20 deposit)

Download materials here:

English version of the City Rally

Photo upload for evaluating the city rally as part of our organised education projects.

Projects of the Klassik Stiftung Weimar are funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Free State of Thuringia, represented by the State Chancellery of Thuringia, Department of Culture and the Arts.

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