Museum Boxes

Our Museum Boxes allow you to playfully explore selected museums and exhibitions. You can borrow the boxes individually or together as a school class. The accompanying booklet provides information on selected stations and objects in the exhibitions in age-appropriate language. The boxes contain materials for conducting experiments, completing creative tasks and making fascinating discoveries. For children ages 6 to 12.

  • The Museum Boxes can be borrowed by school classes at no charge.
  • We ask classes and larger groups to register in advance at Please specify the size of your group.

The Park Cave Expedition

Flemar, the bat, accompanies pupils on a thrilling excursion underground. Flemar tells fascinating stories about how layers of stone were formed, and important events of Weimar’s history. Conducting small experiments, the children learn how fossils are produced and what secrets are buried deep inside the stones today. After the tour of the Park Cave, the children can continue their expedition through the park and into the city.

Opening times of the Park Cave


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