Rucksack tours

Take an expedition by yourself or with your family, school class or just a group of friends – our explorer rucksacks make it possible. During the two-hour theme-based tour, the booklets present short texts that vividly describe the historical background of the various sites in town and in the parks. In your rucksack you’ll also find exciting materials, challenges and stories that can inspire your own creative ambitions.

  • The rucksacks can be borrowed for 5 euros each (plus a 20-euro deposit) from April to October.
  • Important! If you would like to take the rucksack tour as a school class or larger group, please register in advance at Also specify how many participants will be taking part in the tour.

Garden Adventure

Garden Adventure

Together with August Goethe, the children (and their accompanying adults) embark on a tour of discovery through the garden at the Goethe Gartenhaus, the so-called “Garden at the Star”. The texts in the accompanying booklet are written to be read aloud and provide topics that can be discussed at greater depth. For children ages 3 to 7.

A Day with Fritz von Stein

The young Fritz von Stein takes the children through the Park on the Ilm and introduces them to his favourite places. With a torch, binoculars, a poem by Goethe and various games, the children will find plenty of playful activities in their rucksacks. For children ages 6 to 12.

Out and about with the bauhaus bag

The Bauhaus kids Felix Klee and Brigitte Marcks accompany the children to all the important Bauhaus sites in Weimar. They describe what life was like at the world-famous school of design, present experiments with shapes and colours, and show them how to become designers themselves.

The Nature Experiment

The court gardener Armin Sckell proudly shows the children around the Belvedere Castle Park. Together, they learn how the exotic plants found their way to Weimar, find out what colours are in light, and how an ice house functions without electricity. For children ages 6 to 12.

In Search of the Reformation

With the aid of the explorer’s rucksack, Barbara Brück introduces you to seven special sites of the Reformation era. Not only does Barbara depict what the world looked like 450 years ago, she also introduces the most famous people of that age: the rulers of the Ernestine dynasty, the court painter Lucas Cranach, and naturally the great reformer and Bible translator Martin Luther!

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