Simulation games

Our simulation games are ideal for preparing school classes for an excursion to Weimar. Each game takes about 90 minutes to complete. The materials are suited for pupils at the 8th-grade level and higher.

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Simulation game “Weimar Classicism”

This simulation game introduces participants to the political and economic situation in Weimar around 1774. Using info cards, the pupils learn about the living conditions and economic standing of various social classes (the Duke, aristocrats, merchants, teachers, peasants) and then represent their positions in a subsequent role-play. In this way, the pupils gain an understanding for the problems inherited by the 18-year-old Duke Carl August at the beginning of his regency. The simulation sheds light on the social and living conditions of the population at the start of Weimar Classicism.

Download materials here (german only)

English version of the simulation game

Simulation game “New Weimar”

This simulation game introduces participants to the social, political and economic situation of the German Empire around 1900 based on the example of Weimar. The fundamental conflict between tradition and progress is reflected by the artistic and cultural developments in the context of historicism versus the avant-garde. With the aid of info cards, the participants learn about the competing artistic and cultural-political positions of influential figures in Weimar and represent their positions in a subsequent role-play.

Download materials here

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