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Theme-based booklets

In the following you will find a variety of booklets and brochures – from comic books to project ideas for classroom instruction – which can be used to prepare for and follow up your visit to Weimar.

The Ernestines. Adventures of a Grand Family

The comic book “The Ernestines. Adventures of a Grand Family” was developed as part of the Thuringian state exhibition entitled “The Ernestines. A Dynasty Shapes Europe” (24 April – 28 August 2016). Six exciting, touching and humorous episodes offer insights into the eventful 400-year history of the great and influential members of the Ernestine dynasty.

The package includes a handout with numerous tips and ideas for use in school.

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Download materials here:

Ernestine comic book (PDF, 6.45 MB) (German)

Ernestine comic book  (PDF, 28 MB)(English)

Handout for teachers (PDF, 4.39 MB) (German)

Half-moon, red wings, form and function – Do you know what the Bauhaus is?

The German-English children’s catalogue features various objects and works of art produced at the Weimar Bauhaus. The texts were written by children at the Thuringia International School Weimar. The 38-page catalogue costs eight euros and can be purchased at the Bauhaus Museum Weimar.

“Our Game, Our Party, Our Work” – Lessons from the Bauhaus

The teaching materials include tried and tested project ideas about the Bauhaus which are suited to all types of schools. These practical, creative projects help teachers and pupils prepare for and follow up a visit to the Bauhaus Museum Weimar.

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Intercultural Dialogue of Yesterday and Today - “I simply wanted to leave”

Interculturality was a topic of discourse around 1800, and it is possibly more relevant today than ever before. The material provides numerous suggestions and ideas for productive discussions about foreign and familiar subjects of the past and present.

You can download the theme-based brochure here:

Download cover (PDF, 2.48 MB) (german only)
Download brochure (PDF, 5.47 MB) (german only)

The Goethe- und Schiller-Archiv. A Treasure Trove of German Literature

This booklet provides insights into the most important holdings and the most famous and beautiful manuscripts in the archive.

You can download the booklet here (PDF, 4.05 MB). (german only)

Discover Cranach in Thuringia. Eisenach - Gotha - Weimar

This brochure helps you prepare for and carry out a Cranach-themed excursion. It invites the participants to discover the era of the Reformation, the emergence of a common German orthography, and the spread of new pictorial ideas.

You can download the brochure here (PDF, 2.92 MB). (german only)

Who? How? What? Young People Report on Their Voluntary Cultural Year at the Library

This info brochure about the Herzogin Anna Amalia Bibliothek was produced by young people for young people as part of their voluntary cultural year.

You can download the brochure here (PDF, 2.31 MB). (german only)

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