Acoustic Images in the Weimar City Castle

The Stiftung Zuhören invites children and young people to discover the joy of listening by promoting their ability to explore the world with their ears. To this end, it collaborates with various institutions including museums on projects in which pupils develop new audio guides that they themselves would like to hear.

The Castle Museum was the venue of one such project in autumn 2013. High school students from Weimar and Apolda were invited to embark on a voyage through time, work creatively and develop their own audio clips. They began by acquainting themselves with rooms and exhibits in the castle which not only portray the prevailing view of the world around 1800 but also offer points of reference to modern times and the lifes of young people today. Divided into four groups, the pupils examined landscape paintings, portraits, the daily life of royalty and servants in the castle and the life of Maria Pavlovna. They drafted texts for audio guides which instilled life into the rooms and paintings in the castle, and then recorded their texts at the MDR public broadcasting studio in Erfurt. The audio clips were professionally edited and loaded onto the audio guide devices at the City Castle. They are now available to all visitors of the Castle Museum.

This project was sponsored by the Auerbach Foundation.

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