Between the Lines. Literary studies in Weimar

This project combines museums and classical literature with the expressive forms of youth culture. It introduces academically underprivileged youngsters (eighth-grade level and higher) to the literary and historic legacy of Weimar Classicism by addressing issues which play an important role in their world and daily lives. In workshops, they are encouraged to creatively engage in literary study and express their own impressions, ideas and experiences in a typical youth-cultural manner. In the end, the pupils present their results at the historic sites, and in so doing, become aware of their own capability in a new context. The goal is to help youngsters recognise language, literature and writing as their own forms of expression and then to utilise them.

»Between the Lines« is a joint project by the Klassik Stiftung Weimar, cultures interactive e.V. and the European Youth Education and Meeting Centre Weimar.

The project was supported through the funding programme for nationally significant model programmes of cultural education under the aegis of the Federal Commissioner of Cultural and Media Affairs in 2012 and 2013.