Teachers and educators

One-day projects

One-day projects include guided walking tours which introduce the students to the age of Weimar Classicism. In various workshops, participants have the opportunity to reflect further on specific topics by working in small groups on their own creative products.

Goethe – In the limelight

The pupils (grades 6 to 10) explore the diverse roles in which the poet himself assumed or was cast in by others. On a guided tour through the Goethe exhibition, the children encounter various authorial portraits and learn how to decipher them. In a subsequent photo workshop, they work in groups and, inspired by a given authorial portrait, create their own photographic works. The one-day project concludes with a final presentation in front of the entire group (or alternatively, in school).
•    All year round
•    160 € project fee (125 € without final presentation)

How splendid nature shines on me!

In this project, the pupils (grades 6 to 10) are introduced to Goethe’s first years in Weimar. On a guided tour through the Park on the Ilm and Goethe’s Gartenhaus, they learn what role nature played in Goethe’s work and everyday life. This is followed by group work, in which the pupils are inspired by various writing games to pen their own lines of verse. In a concluding workshop, these exercises are compiled into word-image combinations and (if desired) presented in front of the entire group.
•    March - September
•    195 € project fee (160 € without final presentation)