Teachers and educators


Cicerone is an interdisciplinary programme that introduces school-aged children to Weimar’s cultural history in two intensive courses.  The programme conveys extensive knowledge, sparks their interest in cultural issues and offers insight into the arts and humanities.

The five-day introductory course provides a basic overview of the relevant topics. School classes can sign up for the course as part of their general study trip.

Students, interested in taking the second-level course, can individually apply to attend the ca. 14-day »Studium Generale«. At the end of this course, participants hold a short presentation on a subject of their choosing which they have researched on their own. After completing both levels, the participants receive a »Cicerone« certificate.

For students, who wish to individually apply to attend these courses, more information is available in the project description under the menu heading »School children and young people«.

The guided tours are held in German.