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Kochberg Castle, Park and Liebhabertheater

Located 30 km south of Weimar, the former Von Stein country estate gained widespread fame because of Goethe’s affection for Charlotte von Stein and his frequent visits there between 1775 and 1788. The feudal estate has been preserved in almost original condition with the castle, park, plant nursery, patronage church, surrounding farm buildings and detached theatre.


Built around 1600, the Renaissance-style moated castle was purchased in 1733 by the Barons von Stein. In the following years, they used it as their country estate and had considerable renovation work done to the buildings. Charlotte von Stein and her eldest son Carl made Kochberg Castle an artistic and social centre in the late 18th and early 19th century. The castle museum highlights Goethe’s visits to his closest female companion and confidante during his early years in Weimar. In the room Goethe occupied during his visits at Kochberg, one can admire its most valuable piece of furniture, a writing bureau, onto which the poet had scribbled the dates of several of his visits in ink. Other rooms with artworks and pieces of furniture which belonged to the original estate bring the interior design of the Goethe period back to life. The significance of this site is illustrated further by numerous portraits of the Von Stein family, illustrations by Goethe and handwritten documents. Visitors can view an exhibition on the ground floor which presents the history of the castle and baronage, as well as the Liebhabertheater.


This unique architectural gem was built around 1800 by Carl von Stein, who wanted to have his own Weimar-style »Lieberhabertheater« at his country estate. This theatre of the Classical period with its pillared portico is one of 38 on the European Route of Historic Theatres. The stage area and auditorium are festively decorated with hand-marbled wallpaper and floral borders. Today the association Liebhabertheater in Kochberg Castle operates the theatre and presents operas, theatre performances and chamber concerts with renowned artists from May to September. In recognition of the historic significance of this small, authentic Goethe-period theatre, the association pays special attention to historic performance practice in all their productions (for the current programme, see downloads).


Carl von Stein commissioned landscapers to convert the Baroque »Great Garden« into a six-hectare, post-classical, romantic country park. The work was completed in 1840. In the second half of the 20th century, the park and its buildings underwent extensive renovation based on land registry plans dating back to 1869. Winding paths under a magnificent stand of old trees lead to a linen cottage, the ruins of a tower, a grotto with a burial site, a bathing pond and a unique floral garden. Water flows through the park via a sandstone channel into a fountain, located in front of the Liebhabertheater. The park also includes a plant nursery with beds of summer flowers, vegetables, herbs and fruit trees.


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