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Publication and edition projects

In addition to PROPYLÄEN, the Goethe- und Schiller-Archiv is involved in the following projects:

Inventory of the Goethe- und Schiller-Archiv

Archivists are conducting a detailed inventory of the collections in order to provide researchers with extensive access to the materials in the archive.

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Arnim Edition

With the exception of the song collection “Des Knaben Wunderhorn” (“The Boy’s Magic Horn”), which Arnim produced together with Brentano, this edition includes everything that Arnim wrote: his complete works, writings, pocket books and published journals and texts about literary-political activities.

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Schiller National Edition

Established in 1943, the “Schiller National Edition” is the oldest, historic-critical edition of Schiller’s complete works which is still being updated and expanded at the Goethe- und Schiller Archive today. The edition includes all correspondence and discussions, letters to Schiller and documents connected to Schiller’s life. The Klassik Stiftung Weimar finances an editorial staff member who is specifically responsible for managing the project.

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Johann Wolfgang Goethe. Correspondence with Friedrich Wilhelm Riemer (Hybrid Edition)

The central focus of this project is the publication of Goethe’s correspondence with Friedrich Wilhelm Riemer (1774–1845), one of his closest colleagues and confidants. The body of correspondence, which dates back to 1803 and continued until Goethe’s death, comprises some 500 letters. This project will provide access to these letters in a print and online edition for the first time.

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“Faust” Project

This project is producing an historic-critical edition of Goethe’s “Faust” which combines a modern facsimile edition with an innovative genetic apparatus in an electronic medium.

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Repertory of Goethe’s Letters

The repertory contains information on manuscripts and printed documents of the complete collection of known letters written by Goethe. This project is conducting preliminary work for the new, complete, historic-critical edition of Goethe’s letters. Some 15,700 pieces of data are currently stored on the database.

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Edition of Herder Letters

A complete, annotated, scientifically-founded edition of letters by Johann Gottfried Herder. The edition also contains all of the existing letters written by his wife Karoline Herder from 1773 and 1803.

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Heinrich Heine Secular Edition

A complete edition of Heine’s works published regularly since 1970. The Secular Edition also contains correspondence and historic documents related to his life.

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