Painting of Goethe

Flood of Life – Storm of Deeds
The Goethe exhibition

Goethe National Museum

Goethe has always been a subject of intense interest – which is now itself the subject of a new exhibition at the Goethe National Museum. Starting on 28 August, the Klassik Stiftung Weimar will present Goethe as a witness to a burgeoning modernity and depicts his fascinating life and work in contemporary contexts.

The exhibition is divided into seven sections and illustrates Goethe’s complexity which extends far beyond his literary works – such as his political function as a statesman, his artistic endeavours and botanical studies.

Designing the exhibition, the curators included an extraordinary collection of valuable originals – art and scientific objects from Goethe’s private collections, letters and journals, everyday items and personal mementos – all of which enhances the atmosphere of Goethe’s former residence in a unique way.

A diverse array of presentation formats (media guide, introductory film, tours, reading and audio booths) invite visitors to enter and become better acquainted with Goethe’s world. The exhibition is sure to appeal to both »Goethe experts « and those learning about Goethe for the first time.

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