Rococo Hall


The study centre has:

  • a reading room with 32 workplaces
  • reading areas with more than 100 workplaces, 50 of which can be used for research in the online catalogue, other databases and in the internet.
  • 6 work and reading cabins with PC technology (so-called carrel desks). You are required to register with us (PDF 51 KB, German only) to use these spaces. Please take note of the current carrel desk regulations (PDF 56 KB, German only).
  • 3 workplaces for blind people and people with visual impaired; these are equipped with a scanner (DIN A4), voice output, enlargement software, a Braille display, video camera and monitor along with enlargement and positive/negative displays. We advise you registering at the information desk before your first visit.

    Phone: +49 (0) 3643-545-205
  • Technology for people with hearing impaired (consisting of a radio microphone and ten receivers).
  • WiFi access is available at all workplaces.

The historic library building also contains:

  • a special reading room with 10 workplaces for use of the special collections (manuscripts, incunabula, maps etc.). This special reading room can be reached via an underground passage once you have registered at the study centre.