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Johann Wolfgang Goethe. Correspondence with Friedrich Wilhelm Riemer (Hybrid Edition)


administration/ department:
Goethe and Schiller Archive

project manager:
Dr. Jutta Eckle, Dr. Elke Richter

Run duration from 2013 to 2018

The central focus of this project is the publication of Goethe’s correspondence with Friedrich Wilhelm Riemer (1774–1845), one of his closest colleagues and confidants. The body of correspondence, which dates back to 1803 and continued until Goethe’s death, comprises some 500 letters. This project will provide access to these letters in a print and online edition for the first time.

Supplementary material from the classical philologist’s literary estate will be systematically reviewed and evaluated for the first time. Researchers hope to find yet unknown documents which shed light on Goethe’s conceptual, working and writing process, as well as the history of origin and publication of his literary, autobiographical and scientific works.

This project is funding by the German Research Association (DFG).

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