The Bauhaus+ app

The new “Bauhaus+” app is available now.

The app is a multimedia guide which takes you through the new Bauhaus Museum, the Neues Museum Weimar and the Haus Am Horn. Discover the modernist era in Weimar with audio tours of the exhibitions, information about upcoming events and numerous features and commentaries.

You can download the app onto your device prior to your visit.

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Weimar Window of Time – Paths to Modernism

The “Weimar Time Window” media app accompanies you on a tour through Weimar during the modernist era. Around 1900 there were two sides to Weimar – one that venerated the classical age and was influenced by conservative thinking, and the other that embraced progress and the ideas of the European avant-garde. We invite you to learn about the important events, protagonists and sites of this fascinating era at eleven selected stations.

The journey into the past, entitled “Paths to Modernism” was developed in preparation of the exhibition “War of Ideologies. Weimar as a Symbol of German Culture before and after 1914” (1 August – 9 November 2014 | Neues Museum Weimar). Based on the content and central themes of the exhibition, the media guide presents the historical and conceptual developments of modernism at various locations in downtown Weimar.

The “Weimar Window of Time” offers users an innovative means to access history and highlights the historical significance of locations, squares and buildings in Weimar.

The app was developed as part of a school project in a collaboration between the Klassik Stiftung Weimar and the Federal Agency for Civil Education.

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Topography of Modernism

Bauhaus, Weimar Republic, National Socialism – Discover the bright and dark sides of modernism in Weimar at authentic sites. You can download the app for free from the App Store or Google Play depending on your device’s operating system (iOS or Android).

This app reveals the ambivalence of modernism in Weimar at authentic locations. The media guide takes you to places in Weimar which are closely associated with Germany’s first democracy, the founding of that revolutionary school of art and design, the State Bauhaus, the collapse of the Weimar Republic and the rise of National Socialism. Numerous historical recordings and original sources serve to unearth the layers of Weimar’s topography of modernism.

The app was developed by the “Bauhaus.Weimar.Modernism” association and weimar GmbH.

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