Park on the Ilm


The Klassik Stiftung Weimar rents out certain rooms and areas for receptions, seminars, presentations and festivities.

We are happy to help you by phone or – after prior agreement – on site in search of your suitable premises.

Selection of properties for rental

We are happy to provide you detailed information on properties for rented and fees on request.

Goethe National Museum

Park cave

Roman house

Belvedere Castle Park


Weimar City Castle


The Foundation merely places the premises at the user’s disposal. Users must obtain the necessary technical equipment and organise the event themselves. The same applies to catering, which however is not permitted on every location and which in some cases is subject to limited availability.

A user agreement defining the respective modalities is concluded for each event. The user is only entitled to use the rented premises once this agreement has been signed.

Please note that sanitary facilities are in some cases unavailable or that availability may be restricted. In certain cases, the user will be requested to provide a number of rented toilets according to the number of participants in the event.

Moreover, smoking is absolutely prohibited in the historic houses, museums and castles.


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