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Freundesgesellschaft des Goethe- und Schiller-Archivs

The Freundesgesellschaft des Goethe- und Schiller-Archivs Weimar e.V. (Friends of the Goethe and Schiller Archive Weimar) was founded in 2004 for the purpose of uniting individuals and institutions that are committed to preserving and expanding the unique holdings of the archive. The association supports the activities of the archive and draws public attention to its treasures. At present, more than 160 members from countries throughout Europe and the United States belong to the association.

In first years after it was established, the association focused its efforts on supporting the restoration of the archive. After securing extensive public funding to finance the restoration programme in 2008, the association shifted its funding activities to the acquisition of rare manuscripts and autographs, e.g. letters by Goethe, Herder, Wieland, Johann Peter Eckermann, Ottilie von Goethe and Franz Liszt. Further donations helped secure the purchase of an extraordinary collection of Goethe autographs (2011), another “Phädra” fragment by Schiller (2016) and the short play “Rino” by Charlotte von Stein (2017).

Thanks to its publications, especially its series “Manuskripte” (issues 1-8) and its five facsimile editions of exquisite manuscripts, the Freundesgesellschaft has succeeded in reaching a large circle of interested philologists. Since 2014 the association has been helping finance the publication of the accompanying catalogues for the exhibitions staged at the archive.

For more information, visit the website of the Freundesgesellschaft des Goethe- und Schiller-Archivs.


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