Freundeskreis Goethe-Nationalmuseum e.V.

In 1910 the director of the Goethe National Museum, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang von Oettingen, established the association of “Friends of the Goethe House in Weimar”. The goal was to financially support the work of the museum, “to preserve the collection, purchase items for the collections of Goethe portraits, Goethe illustrations and relics, enable larger building expansions in the interest of the museum, and to accumulate a capital base, the interest of which can be used by the management to pay for assistants.” The response was overwhelming and financially rewarding. The establishment of the association was a fortunate turn of events for Weimar.

This tradition continues with the support association of the Goethe National Museum, which was established in 1982 and became a registered association in 1990. Today, the group comprises more than 450 members from Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, France and the United States. The association regularly organises lectures, discussions and excursions which highlight the life and works of Goethe and his contemporaries. Depending on its budget, it supports collection conservation measures, purchases acquisitions, finances exhibitions and publications, and much more.

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Freundeskreis Goethe-Nationalmuseum e.V.
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