Vorstand Grüne Wahlverwandtschaften e.V.

Grüne Wahlverwandtschaften e.V.

Over the centuries, an impressive collection of parks and gardens have been built in Weimar and the surrounding region thanks to the ducal house and its penchant for landscape design, and enormous civic commitment. As a result, Weimar possesses an extraordinary wealth of “green” treasures.
Nature and culture form a unique symbiosis in Weimar which deserves to be cultivated and preserved. It contributes to the high quality of life in town and, therefore, we believe it is our obligation to maintain it. Very few cities offer so many places where one can find rest and relaxation, and which – like the Park on the Ilm – is just a few minutes away from any location in town. Tourists from around the world are fascinated by the extraordinary interweave of culture and garden design in an urban setting.
Like landmarks, artworks, historic books and documents, these garden monuments also require responsible management and cultivation. Carelessness and overuse would destroy them.

The goal of the association Grüne Wahlverwandtschaften (literally “Green Elective Affinities”) is to actively share the burden of preserving and maintaining Weimar’s historical parks, cemeteries and greens. Civic commitment should serve to initiate and support public action. We invite you to play an active role and become a member of the association Grüne Wahlverwandtschaften.

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Grüne Wahlverwandtschaften e. V.
Teichgasse 12a
99423 Weimar


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