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Schiller Museum in Bauerbach


The residential house on the Bauerbach estate near Meiningen served Friedrich Schiller as a refuge after his flight from Stuttgart. Henriette von Wolzogen, the mother of a former fellow student, gave Schiller the use of three rooms on the top floor from December 7, 1782 to July 24, 1783. Along with various studies and dramatic plots, this is where Schiller sketched the first drafts of »Don Carlos« and worked on »Louise Millerin«, later called »Kabale und Liebe« (Intrigue and Love), which he finished in July 1783. By 1847, the room used by Schiller as a study had already been assumed as the character of a small, private memorial site. It has been continually being opened to the public since 1905. In 1934, the national »Schiller in Bauerbach« foundation acquired the manor house from the private owners and turned it into a museum. The Klassik Stiftung Weimar had it completely restored in 1995.


The two so-called »Wolzigen Rooms« on the top floor at the front of the house largely contain furnishings and décor from the Biedermeier period. Schiller’s study is dominated by a Baroque writing desk which belonged to the Wolozogen family and a cabinet. The furnishings in the living and study area are complemented by a contemporary interior and pictures reminiscent of Schiller’s family and acquaintances. Since 2005, the historical building has been home to the exhibition »Schiller’s flight from Stuttgart and residence in Bauerbach | September 22, 1782 to July 24, 1783«. Starting with Schiller’s social and professional situation around 1780/82, the exhibitions reveal the reasons for his flight from Württemberg and documents his route in texts and images. Testimonials of Schiller’s life and work shed light on his stay in Bauerbach.

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Schiller Museum in Bauerbach
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