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Park Cave

The park cave is a system of tunnels located underneath the Park on the Ilm. It is twelve metres deep and stretches from the steep slope down to the Ilm to the Belvedere avenue. A staircase close to the Liszt House leads down to the slope and ends at the so-called »Needle’s Eye«, an artificial rock archway.


The park cave owes its existence to Duke Carl August’s wish to found his own brewery. Between 1794 and 1796, a tunnel measuring approximately 500 metres in length was dug under the park on the river Ilm; its purpose was to drain used water away from the brewery. After the brewery construction plan was dropped, the tunnel was used between 1797 and 1815 to quarry sand and gravel. A widely branching network of passages and tunnels was developed. Towards the end of World War II, part of the system was expanded to construct a bunker. This area today is the park cave museum. Between 1992 and 1999, a complex renovation project was undertaken to restore access to the partially filled and unsound tunnel system. Since then, the park cave has been offering visitors a subterranean foray through 200,000 years of human and geological history.


The tunnels around the park cave run through the loose layers of riverbed rock and alluvial sediments in the Ilm. Fossilised plants and animals in the ceiling bear witness to a prehistoric lake. The exhibition in the park cave museum tells the story of the geological research of the Weimar travertine. This began with a description of the geological profile written by Johann Wolfgang Goethe and his son August in 1823. Photographs and historian reports document the history of the park cave during the second World War. A lecture room is available for a wide variety of events. It is used for musical performances as well as storytelling evenings for children and scientific lectures in the »Dialogues with the Earth« series.

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Park Cave
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