Johann Joachim Winckelmann. Painting by Anton von Maron, 1768. Palace Museum in City Palace © Klassik Stiftung Weimar

Digital Facsimile Edition of the Friedrich Nietzsche Estate (DFGA)

The »Digital Facsimile Edition« aims to make a reproduction of the entire Nietzsche estate available online for the first time ever, encompassing manuscripts, letters and biographical documents as well as first editions of his works. The DFGA is being edited by Paolo D’Iorio and is published on »Nietzsche Source«, a website dedicated to the publication of scientific articles on the life and work of Friedrich Nietzsche. Readers can use the »Digital Facsimile Edition« to view colour facsimiles in high resolutions; these can be searched, enlarged, printed and downloaded as required. 30,000 pages of the Nietzsche collection have been digitalised so far; 9,000 of these have already been published on »Nietzsche Source«.