The Goethe National Museum is the most important museum for the presentation and study of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s life and works. An extraordinary treasure is contained within – the poet’s actual residence with original furnishings and collection pieces. Numerous items from his personal collections are on display in the accompanying exhibition “Flood of Life – Storm of Deeds” which highlights Goethe’s vastly diverse interests beyond his literary production.

„In life like a flood, in deeds like a storm / I surge to and fro, / Up and down I flow! […] Turning, returning, / A life ever burning“

Goethe, Faust. The Tragedy, Part I, 1808

Exhibition “Flood of Life – Storm of Deeds”

Goethe was a keen observer of the burgeoning modern era around 1800 with its upheavals and its political, social, scientific and artistic debates. Such topics as revolution, education, tolerance and technology fascinated the poet just as much as they fascinate us today.

Room entitled “ERINNERUNG” (Memory) with bust of Duchess Anna Amalia and portrait of Goethe in the background
Visitors in the interactive Faust Gallery
Section entitled “KUNST” (Art) with the bust of Juno Ludovisi

The exhibition “Flood of Life – Storm of Deeds” sheds lights on Goethe’s eventful life during this tumultuous era, viewed with respect to key themes, e.g. GENIUS, VIOLENCE and LOVE, and forms a bridge to the present day. It also reveals Goethe’s multifaceted interests, for example, as a natural historian, illustrator and collector. The exhibition presents original items from an extraordinary trove of works and collection pieces. Together with Goethe’s writings, the objects are displayed in their contemporary contexts.

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