Junozimmer mit Junokopf

The Goethe Residence

„One’s home is half of one’s life.“

Goethe in a letter to his friend and painter Johann Heinrich Meyer, 30 December 1795

Goethe lived and worked at his home on Frauenplan for almost 50 years after moving there in 1782. However, the residence was far more than a home and workplace for this famous poet and statesman and his family. In rooms redesigned by Goethe himself to reflect the classical ideals of his time, the residence became a vibrant place of social, cultural and intellectual dialogue. In addition to his many writings and books, Goethe used the residence to store his ever-growing collections of artworks and scientific specimens. Today 18 rooms are open to the public, and numerous pieces of original furniture are on display. The highlight of the tour is the poet’s study with authentic furnishings and his private library.

Garden of the Goethe Residence

The structure of the garden, which primarily served to supply fruits and vegetables to the large household, looks practically the same as it did in the 1820s. The former vegetable beds, which have since been replaced by lawn, were planted with asparagus and artichokes, for example. Apricots and grapes grew on trellises attached to the south-facing wall. Goethe occasionally carried out botanical experiments in this garden. In 1817 Goethe extended the garden to the east by purchasing the adjacent property owned by the Treuter family. The new terrain included the pavilion on the Ackerwand where Goethe stored his mineral collection.

Goethe’s garden in Weimar
Stone pavilion in the garden of the Goethe Residence, Klassik Stiftung Weimar
View of the garden

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