Archive database

This database allows you to search the entire collection in the archive.

Letters from Goethe

Contains the entire collection of handwritten letters from Goethe irrespective of their present location.

Letters to Goethe

Contains Volumes 1-8 of the Registry Editionlisting the details of all correspondence to Goethe (until 1819).

Letters to Goethe: Biographical Information

Contains the biographical entries of approximately 16,000 individuals.

Goethe's poems

Contains a listing of all the known manuscripts of Goethe’s poems irrespective of their present location.

Nietzsche correspondence

This database contains all correspondence to and from Friedrich Nietzsche irrespective of its present location and includes digitalised copies of Nietzsche’s correspondence kept at the Goethe- und Schiller-Archiv.

For more on Friedrich Nietzsche, also see the Nietzsche Source website.

Personal records of the German Schiller Foundation

Contains all records collected by the German Schiller Foundation from 1859 to 1974.

Bertuch correspondence

Contains information regarding all correspondence to and from Friedrich Justin Bertuch. The database is only available in the archiv

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