Fellows in residence 2006–2001


Henning Hahn (Berlin)
“Moral Philosophical Fundamentals of the Contemporary Theory of Justice”

Tracie Matysik (Houston/USA)
“Spinoza and Marxism”


Gunnar Decker (Berlin)
“What Is Mysticism?”

Bettina Funcke (New York/USA)
“Pop or Populus. Artistic Practice Between High and Mass Culture”


Babette Babich (New York/USA)
“Reconciliation and Power: Word, Music, Love”

Michael Mayer (Berlin)
and 2006
“Interpretations of the Other”

Martin G. Weiss (Klagenfurt/Austria)
“What Is Posthuman? The Significance of Biotechnologies for Human Nature”


Jörg Gleiter (Bozen/Italy)
and 2008
“Nietzsche and Architecture”

Duncan Large (Swansea/Great Britain)
“Nietzsche’s Figures of the Renaissance”

Ernest Ženko (Koper/Slovenia)
“Totality and Art: Lyotard, Welsch and Jameson”


Anne von der Heiden (Essen)
“The Passion of the Real. Elements of a Philosophical Diagnosis of the Present”

Johannes Weiss (Kassel)
“Hopeless Rationality, Rampant Violence. On the Modernity of Terrorism”


Steffen Dietzsch (Berlin)
and 2009
“God is Dead? Golgotha as a Philosophical Place”

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