Fellows in residence 2013

Diana Aurenque (Tübingen)
“Nietzsche’s Medical Critique on Morality and its Topicality in Modern Medical Ethics”

Mathias Buß (Rostock)
“The Constructed Art of Healing Versus the Hospital”

Peggy Fiebich (Hannover)
“Lateral Thought. Literary Instruction and Education on Transversal Reason”

Hannah Grosse Wiesmann (Berlin)
“Nietzsche’s Reception of Spinoza and Its Importance for the Conception of the Will to Power”

Kerrin A. Jacobs (Osnabrück)
“The Meaning of Nietzsche’s ‘Loneliness Fragments’ for the Philosophy of Psychiatry”

Yeon Jeong Gu (Seoul/South Korea)
“The Structural Change of the Public Sphere following Spatial Revolution”

Christina Lissmann (Berlin)
“The Dream of Silence and the Deceleration of Time”

Henry W. Pickford (Boulder/USA)
“Adorno: A Critical Life”

Anna L. Roethe (Berlin)
“In the Two Brains of Culture: Cultural Philosophical Fundamentals of Medical Poetics between Science and Art”

Daniela Steinert (Neuendettelsau)
“Nietzsche’s ‘Will to Power’”

Katja Stuckatz (Pennsylvania/USA)
“The Transatlantic Antiquarian Bookshop: Foreign Memorial Sites in German-Language Literature after 11 September 2001”

Jean Yhee (Berlin)
“European Nihilism in the 19th Century and the Concept of ‘Will’ in Nietzsche, Schopenhauer and Their Reception of Spinoza”

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