Fellows in residence 2017

Niklas Angebauer (Kassel)
“Critique(s) of the Neoliberal Subject”

Suzanne Dürr (Jena)
“Nietzsche and Danto on Modern Art”

Martin Küpper (Berlin)
“The World-Reflective Logic of Speculative Materialism. On the Relationship of Ernst Bloch and Quentin Meillassoux”

Vitalii Mudrakov (Khmelnytski/Ukraine)
“Nietzsche’s Philosophy and the Process of Modernism. Perspectives on a Nietzschean Ethical Philosophy in the Context of Modern Ideological and Social Transformation”

Christoph Paret (Konstanz)
“Tact, or the Art of Looking Away. Can Social Blindness Be a Form of Recognition?”

Anna Piazza (Madrid/Spain)
“The Body/The Flesh: Deleuze’s Analysis of Francis Bacon’s Portrait Using Nietzsche’s Philosophy”

Sarah Scheibenberger (Berlin)
“Giorgio Agamben as a Reader of Nietzsche in ‘L’uomo senza contenuto’”

Charlotte Szász (Berlin)
“Contemporary Eschatology”

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