Fellows in residence 2018

Lisa Elm (Berlin)
“The Silence of the World. Part I: In the Cocoon”

Ole W. Fischer (Salt Lake City/USA)
“On the Critical Theory of Architecture”

Jing Huang (Berlin)
“Nietzsche’s Theory of Tragedy in the Context of Aristotelian Poetics”

Siham Issami (Berlin)
“Under Eastern Eyes: The Arab Perception of F. Nietzsche”

Kilian Jörg (Vienna/Austria) and Jorinde Schulz (Berlin)
“Nietzsche’s New Caution – Investigation of Isolationist Thinking Based on Friedrich Nietzsche”

Marin Krempel (Weimar)
“The Inner Dichotomy of the Political Actor. Between Orthodoxy and Heresy”

Bruno Roldán (Madrid/Spain)
“Nietzsche’s Critique of Modern Temporal Reason. On a Politics of Everyday Life”

Rachele Salerno (Modena/Italy)
“The Free Spirit Beyond Good and Evil – A Genetic Investigation of the Second Principal Work”

Georg Simmerl (Berlin)
“Nietzschean Alienation”

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